What if you could have the marriage of your dreams--even when you think it's too late?

Everyone wants to have healthy relationships. But too many women who've gone through divorce find themselves feeling lost and unsure about how to move forward into readiness for strong future relationships.

Barbie and Richard Armenta both have plenty of brokenness in their pasts. Richard's party lifestyle put him one step away from disaster time and time again. Barbie's two failed marriages and other dating relationships left her desperate for affirmation from men. When they came to Christ, they each had to figure out what it meant to live for Him in their dating lives. It was during this process that they found each other-and discovered that adding God's love to theirs was the right combination for lasting love.

For those who have experienced divorce, long to heal emotionally and spiritually, and yearn for true intimacy, The Right Combination is a shout of hope. The Armenta’s ground their work in Scripture and pose thoughtful questions to women, encouraging them to begin their own process of discovering who they are in Christ and what it really means to live and date God's way.

We often say that marriage isn’t the easiest thing, it’s the hardest. But if couples – husbands and wives – are willing to work hard at it, marriage can become the greatest thing! In their new book, The Right Combination, our friends Richard and Barbie Armenta take readers on an incredible journey of love, faith, and marriage done God’s way. By candidly opening up about their imperfect lives and their up and down relationship, the Armenta’s show us on a very personal level how trusting in God is the only way to succeed, not only in marriage but also in life. Whether you are single, divorced, married, or somewhere in between all of that, this book will inspire you to get the most out of God’s plan and purpose for your life, your relationships, and ultimately, your marriage!
— Ed and Lisa Young Pastors of Fellowship Church Authors of New York Times best-seller Sexperiment
The Right Combination is written with just the right combination: permeated by Scripture, purposed through pain, and penned by trusted friends. We’re so glad this resource is now available to empower those on marriage ‘next’ with blended homes.
— Shannon and Cindy O’Dell, senior pastors of Brand New Church
If you’re seeking freedom in love and in life overall, The Right Combination is the faith-builder and guide you need. Barbie and Richard share their story of surrender and redemption with complete transparency, giving you freedom to move beyond shame or embarrassment to own your story. Grounded in God’s Word and heart-stirring questions to prompt your own process, this book will empower you to seek God first, to trust him, and to stay full of hope for whatever God has for you.
— Tiffany Hendra, founder of The Coaching Sanctuary™ and former lead on The Real Housewives of Dallas
Inspiring. Encouraging. Powerful. Thought-provoking. Challenging. This remarkable book is a must-read for all Christian couples contemplating marriage after divorce. Barbie and Richard Armenta write with transparency and honesty about the challenges of finding love, blending their families, honoring God, and waiting for his timing before marrying each other. You’ll laugh out loud, wipe a tear, and find answers within the pages of this book. The Right Combination also needs to be in the resource library of every church and Christian counselor. Don’t miss it
— Carol Kent, speaker and author of A New Kind of Normal: Hope-Filled Choices When Life Turns Upside Down