Swimming for my life


ImageLast year I had and amazing honeymoon in St Croix. Crystal clear water, gorgeous beaches, and an incredible new husband. I was ready for new adventures. One morning we rented a jeep to go to the other side of the island to a beach called Cane Bay for snorkeling. This was my first real snorkeling adventure and I was excited and nervous. We got on our fins, mask and snorkel and started off from the shore. It was beautiful! We saw sea turtles, beautiful fish, squid, and barracuda (thats another story!)

The day was going perfect. At one point I looked back towards the shore and realized we had drifted pretty far from our starting point and it made me a little nervous. I asked my husband if we could start cutting back across to be more even with the beach. As we began swimming back the current was strong and it was harder and harder to swim. I looked at my husband and he is calmly snorkeling so I put my mask in the water and try to keep going. I look up again and realize I am not getting anywhere and I start to panic. I was now struggling and trying to swim as fast as I could with thoughts of drifting out to sea going through my head. Again I look at my husband who is still just snorkeling. I wait for him to look up and I start yelling “You are just snorkeling and I am swimming for my life here!” Seeing the panic on my face he tried not to laugh. He quietly says “calm down, calm down, it’s going to be ok” and asked me to sit on my swim noodle. Yes...I had a swim noodle. My husband then rationally talked me through what we would do next, that he was here with me and he would help get me through the current. Soon we were safe on the shore.

Reflecting back I wonder how many times God has looked at me and you the same way. “What are you doing, calm down, I am here with you and I will get you through this current that you're in.” I am so grateful for a God that never leaves us and never gives up on us even when we forget and try to do it all my our own strength.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, for The Lord your God is with you; He will never leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6