Bulls Eye

Last night I was over at my oldest sons house for dinner. After dinner we were hanging out in their new game room. Richard and I were playing pool while Nick and Alyssa played darts. The dart game went on for quite some time and I could see that my daughter n law was not giving in; she had her eye on the bull’s eye and intended to win. I love this! I also have a bit of a competitive spirit; especially when it comes to beating one of my boys at something. In the end she did in fact win with a bulls eye! Even Nick had to admit it, it was awesome and he gave her a well deserved high five.

I was thinking about this in my quite time this morning. When we are wanting to succeed we have to know what we are aiming for.  We have to know our “bulls eye.” I was at an amazing retreat over the weekend doing a study on embracing your purpose. One of the things we talked about was that when we are finding our purpose, we will all share one target; and that is to Glorify God. However, we will also all have our own unique “bulls eye”, and that is our purpose.

When we are unclear of our purpose we drift. We are hoping to get “there”, but we do not know where “there” is. I have spent a long time praying and asking God to show me my purpose. It has been an exciting journey to have him reveal it to me. Your purpose is what makes you you. We are each made unique to fulfill what God has for us. It is rooted in your values, it is what are you naturally good at, and what makes your heart sing.

Finding your purpose can feel selfish. It is a journey of self-discovery. For those of us that like to please others and keep the peace, it might make more sense to do just what others expect or want from us. Finding your purpose will actually take courage. Courage to boldly be who God designed you to be will require vulnerability and authenticity. The reward is great for you and for others. When you live out your purpose you will first and foremost Glorify God. You will also impact people around you. Purpose is often a service to others that can change their lives, but it can also be something that not only brings you joy, but it brings hope to others that they can also be brave and step into their design.

As I was praying and working on discovering my purpose, the one thing I know about myself is that life change touches my heart. When I see people making a decision to follow Christ, when someone survives a divorce and is living in their new identity, maybe starting over as an empty-nester and realizing life is far from over, or deciding after retirement to become an entrepreneur. My purpose is to encourage others to find their purpose. It is the reason I love being a Life Coach and getting to be a part of someone stepping into who God made them to be.

What is your purpose? I would love for you to share in the comments below! Maybe you are drifting, feeling like there is something more and you are just not sure what it is yet. I would love to do a free call with you to explore the possibilities. Please click below and we can schedule a time.

I look forward to hearing from you!