Whether they listen or they don't...

Let’s talk about sex. Okay, now that I have your attention; let’s talk about not having sex. Or how about purity, obedience, or patience? I am pretty sure these are not your topics of choice and yet, these are the subjects God has given me to share. I know! I am the least likely person to talk about this. I did not grow up in church, I did not wait until marriage, and I have two ex-husbands. This is what God does; He likes to use imperfect people to fulfill His perfect plans.

Ten years ago I got the courage to leave my twelve-year marriage. It was very emotionally and verbally abusive and my self-esteem was very low. I was clinging to God to take care of me and my 3 boys. God is so good and provided of us. He moved us to an amazing neighborhood, I bought a house and found fabulous friends. Something was still missing, I was lonely. I was online dating and seeking in the wrong places to find my value and repair my self-confidence. Having someone text and say “hey beautiful” was great for a bit, but it was fleeting and empty. I was looking to the world to do what only God can do. After a couple of years, I had finally quit seeking and was trying to find a church home and focus on my kids. Then I met Richard. He was tall, dark, handsome, and so much fun! I quickly found out that he was different. Richard had done life his own way, but 5 years earlier he had made a decision to surrender everything to God, including dating, he was not having sex outside of marriage.

This was not on my radar, I thought it was too late for me. God had so much to show me. What began as something I was going along with because he was a great guy, became so much more. God began showing me how to lean on Him for everything, that I cannot put “God expectations” on people. I learned to look to the Bible for the truth of who I am and who God made me to be. Just because someone says something negative to you does not make it true. I am worthy. God made me perfectly for His purpose. As I drew closer to God He was able to bring Richard and I alongside of each other, grow our friendship, teach us communication, and grow our spiritual relationship. With 73% of second marriages failing, we knew we wanted God at the center of our relationship. That meant following His word and being patient to His timing.

Richard and I have known this wasn’t just about us. I felt like God said; “sometimes you have to be the example.”

“But you shall speak My words to them whether they listen or not” Ezekiel 2:7

We live in a society that wants what we want when we want it. If you want God's best, there are no short cuts. We are so blessed that this week we are celebrating 4 years of marriage. We have an incredible blended family. Our marriage has not been without struggle; in our short marriage we have faced cancer and 2 job losses. We are not promised we will not have challenges, the difference is we face them together; focused on God. What could end a marriage makes us stronger together.

Our prayer is that you see Hope. That it is never too late. God Redeems our time and Restores our lives. He wants to do that for you.