Worth The Wait


Two years ago this week God Blessed me with the man of my dreams. This did not happen over night but in Gods perfect timing and His perfect way. Only God could orchestrate what happened that night. I wish my reaction was more fitting for the moment, but it is an example of what shock looks like! On a Tuesday night I had been asked to be interviewed during a talk on purity at Flavour, our womens event at my church. There were around 200-300 of my closest Flavour sisters in attendance. I was so excited to get to share mine and Richards story. We dated for about 4 1/2 years and dated Gods way. No sex outside of marriage. Having been married before and 3 kids later I thought it was too late for me. What I leaned is it's never too late. God gives you the strength and the patience to do His perfect will and He blesses you for your obedience. No physical relationship can compare to the emotional and spiritual connection we have made. God gives His very best to those that leave the choice to Him. I don't remember a thing I said that night. I just remember after we were done one of the ladies introduced Richard and invited him to the stage. I had so many thoughts going through my head, not one of them was that he might propose. The video speaks for itself at this point. I recieved the most perfect proposal, in the most perfect way, and in the perfect setting. I was in shock and completley blown away. That night I not only learned how much Richard loved me, I learned how much God loved me. That anything I could have asked for would not be as good as what God has for us when we allow Him to lead our lives.