Why the Pause?

Saturday morning, I had breakfast with a new and dear friend. She asked my permission to make an observation. She shared that she feels that I come across as a strong woman with a good heart. Then she went on to ask me “Why the pause?” She asked if I was not completely owning who God made me to be. I appreciated this! I love having people in my life that speak truth in love. One of the things I always want to work on is being authentically me. I want to be all that God made me to be without hesitation.

This got me thinking about times when I pause. For my 40th birthday (a few years ago now), I had an opportunity to Zip Line for the first time. I can vividly remember standing on the edge of the platform with my heart racing! I had such anticipation for how exciting it would be, if I could only get off of the edge. After what felt like a long pause, I jumped! Okay, I scooched off the edge. I was sitting and it was not that high, but for me it was big. Once I left the platform it was so fun! I have used that moment as a reminder in my life that it is so worth leaving the safety of the edge.

I have wondered what it must have felt like for Peter standing on the boat when Jesus asked him to walk to Him on the water. Did Peter pause or did he just step out of the boat? Scripture also tells us that we should pause, “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10. Sometimes we just need to take a moment and remember who God is and the Love He has for us.

There are also times when we feel that God has placed us on pause. We are moving forward and all of the sudden it seems that He is silent and things are not happening. This is when we need to have anticipation and expectancy for what comes next. Are you on the edge waiting for what God is going to do?

I believe one of the times that I might hesitate is when I feel God wanting me to talk about things that “no one is talking about.” You know, purity in dating, blended families, and obedience. I start to think; does anyone want to hear about this?” This is when God will remind me of Ezekiel 2:7 “You must speak my words to them, whether they listen or they don’t”.

The thing is, I might always pause before doing what God is calling me to, but I will do it with my heart racing with anticipation, allowing Him to give me the courage I need. I will also always be grateful that God chooses to use me for His purpose.

God chooses you as well. He has a plan and a purpose for your life. You might feel like God has pressed the pause button, but be expectant, He might be waiting for you to scooch off the edge…

Ready, set, Jump!

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