You have Arrived

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Today I was driving to Dallas to a place I had never been to before. I use the waze ap for directions, which always gets you there the fastest way, but you end up on the most round about drive. Richard and I have a motto that we say that we must “trust the waze.” We often have no choice; it takes us on a route where we have no idea where we are. Once I got to Dallas this morning, my waze announced, “you have arrived.”

Over the last year my life has felt a little the same way; like I am driving to an unknown destination down streets I have never been on before. Much like the waze, God knows exactly where He is taking me. We are just praying that all the twist and turns mean that we are getting closer to the “Promised Land”.

Richard and I started The Right Combination almost 2 years ago, since then we have been praying, writing, taking classes, networking, meeting new people, branding, creating a website, and speaking any chance we get. This process can seem like we are lost, circling the desert like the Israelites. Much like the Israelites we feel like we are following Gods lead, that He is providing the "manna", and like them, we also find ourselves grumbling. “How much longer?” “Are we there yet?” “When will we arrive?”

This weekend we took a road trip to Gonzales, Texas to speak at Living Waters Church. We have both spoken alone and we have been interviewed together; but this is the first-time Richard and I got to deliver a message together. We were so excited and expectant for what God was going to do. We were not prepared for all the ways that God showed up.

On Sunday morning, we were driving to the church listening to Casting Crowns, Voice of truth.  Richard and I have both talked in the past, about how when each of us was at a dark time in our lives, we would play that song in the car and sing really loud. We were not only listening to the same song and doing the same thing, but it was at the same time. This was years before we met.

On this day, we were listening together on our way to our first joint speaking engagement, a day we have been dreaming of and praying for. The question came to my mind, "how do you know when you have made it to the promised land? What does it look like?" Suddenly it hit me, I think it looks like driving down the highway, with the love of my life, on our way to do what we love, listening to the song that got us both through the hard stuff. I didn’t hear it audibly, but it felt like God said “you have arrived.”

Where is your “promised land?” How will you know when you get there? When you are on a new path going somewhere you have never been, trust the one that loves you most and has a good path laid out before you. What does it take to enter the promised land? Faith. Sometimes we are waiting on God to provide a breakthrough, and He is waiting for us to just step in faith. Be in the moment, enjoy the journey, and listen for His voice letting you know, You have arrived.

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