What's Your Dream?


Six years ago, I was sitting in my office, that I shared with my friend Sherry. We were working, and she was likely singing whatever show tune was playing in her headphones. I started sharing with her my “random” thoughts about the future. I proclaimed that one day she and I would be speaking together at our own event. “You know, we will be like the Women of faith conference.” After a few moments of dreaming out loud, I went back to working, not quite believing that it was really possible. But hey, a girl can dream!

Fast forward to this year, to next week…Saturday April 21st is The Brave Gathering! I am actually doing it! I am hosting an event and Sherry and I are speaking. God is amazing! It has been quite a journey I can assure you, and one only God could orchestrate.

Friend, what's your dream? You know, the one that you might not even say out loud because someone might think you are crazy. Yep, that’s the one! God likes to plant Big Dreams in your heart! The kind that if He doesn’t show up you will look crazy. But that’s what God does, He is in the business of doing the “impossible.”

I had this dream to gather like minded women together in one place. To be encouraged, inspired, and to experience freedom. Freedom to be who you were made to be. To connect with other women that are being Brave enough to believe that it’s not too late, that they are qualified, and that they do matter.

My passion is to see women living their most authentic and purposeful life. What better way to do that than with a bunch of women that can encourage and support you on your journey.

It’s all happening!

Will you be there? What is stopping you?

I want to encourage you that this gathering is for you, that it is happening because of you. So put your Brave on! 

 I cannot wait to see you there!