Happy Valentines Day?

This weekend we will celebrate Valentines Day. For some of us, we look forward with anticipation for what our sweetheart is going to do for us on this day. For others, we might dread it because the one we love never meets our expectations. While others, they would love to receive that gift that you did not like because they have not yet met the man of their dreams.

I have to admit it, I am the one that will say, “Oh, we do not really have to do anything”, and then wish that we had. All I know is, it must be tough to be a guy this time of year! Ladies, we have to help our men out. With everything from “Which love language am I suppose to speak,” to the array of flower and candy choices, and then the fact that we look for the underlying meaning of the color and size of both. I can see where a guy might be tempted to hide out for the month of February.

Here are a few things to remember: First, good or bad, whatever happens on Valentine’s Day is not a reflection of your worth or value. Our value comes from Christ alone. God’s word says, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” You are a Daughter of the King! This truth does not change if the man in your life happens to love daisies and you do not.

Second, Stay grateful for what you do have, you will not be attractive if you are mourning what you do not have. Remember God has His very best for you and His ways are not always our ways. When we stay focused on God and find our value in Him alone, we can take so much pressure of the men in our lives as well as the ones that have not shown up yet.

I am reminded of some great advice from a marriage counselor. He told me to learn to receive love in the way my husband gives it. This was a great perspective. I began looking at the little things my husband would do or say in a new light. I also took note of things that my husband does for his mom or daughter and recognized that when he does those things for me, I am part of a special group that has his heart.

Just remember, there are 364 more days in the year, be kind to yourself. Plan ahead for this weekend. If you do not have a date, do something you enjoy. Monday, it will be over. How we live our lives daily is so much more important. Speak nicely to yourself.

“You are more beautiful than you think you are, more valuable than you think you are, and anything worth having is worth waiting for.” Richard Armenta

Comment below if you have great ideas for this weekend. Share ideas for singles, as well as suggestions for the men in our lives to help them out.