Insta Love

We live in an instant gratification world today. Post it now, snap this, swipe right, and like that. We want to share in real time and get feedback immediately. We get frustrated if something does not send or upload fast enough. We are now keeping up with other people’s experiences while we should be enjoying our own. Some things are actually worth the wait.

Four years ago this week Richard proposed to me (In the most perfect way) and we began the process of planning our wedding. From the outside our journey to the alter might have appeared “instant” with our short engagement. The truth is the real process began four years earlier when God began preparing us, not for the wedding, but for the marriage.

For most of us we look at happy couples saying their I Do’s or celebrating Fifty years of marriage and we want what they have. Only we want it now. No one really wants to put in the time and the work that it takes to get there.

Richard knew he did not want to rush into anything. He was confident in who he was and content with the life he had with his daughter. He wanted to make sure that this was God’s plan before he added me and my boys into his life.

On the other hand, God still had some work to do on me. Like many of my friends on Facebook, I barely let the ink dry on my divorce papers before I was dating. I did not want to be alone. It was three years after my divorce when I met Richard. I knew he was special immediately, not to mention gorgeous.

No one signs up to date for four years, it is one day at a time. About every few months I would get impatient with “Gods timing.” I was sharing with a girlfriend that told me “Barbie, what I hear is pride. You want what you want when you want it and you don’t even know how God is working on him.” You have to love friends that will speak truth in love. She was so right.

There are some things in life that there are no shortcuts, no quick codes, or apps that can speed up the process. Our pastor says you should “date through the seasons.” For us it took a few times around. Building a strong foundation for a healthy marriage is worth the effort and the wait. Do not be tempted to settle for “Mr. Right Now”. As Richard continued to tell me “enjoy the process.” I have a dear friend that would tell me how God is a Redeemer of our time. On my wedding day I finally understood what that meant. Allow Good to prepare you for what He has prepared for you. He is a God Father and He has His very best for us when we leave the choice up to Him.

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