The Worst Play Of All time?

Not if you are the New England Patriots Cornerback, Malcolm Butler. For all of us watching, we were focused on the fact we could not believe that an NFL coach would call a passing play on the one-yard line. For Malcolm Butler, he was about to have a life changing moment. God can change our lives in an instant! For Malcolm, his life would have been great if he was able to say he played in the super bowl his rookie year, but there was so much more in store. During an interview immediately after he caught the interception that won the game for the patriots and made NFL history, he said, “I had a vision I was going to do something great!” Am I saying God made the coach call that play, no, but He is the only one that was not surprised when it happened. Through that play, God was able to position Malcolm Butler for the greatness He had planned for him.

God has moments planned for each of us. Our lives can change in an instant. My life changed two weeks ago with a sudden job loss. Since then God has been working and doing things that would not have happened if He had not moved me. For some of us it is a move to a new city, meting the right person at the right time, or a simple encounter in your day and everything changes. Are you ready?

During an interview, Malcolm Butler shared that he was working the drive through at a fried chicken place and that he had made a decision not to waste the talent that God had given him. He also said that he “had these friends that should have been there with him.” My Pastor Ed Young shared during his latest series and book, Fifty Shades of They, that when we have these friends, the wrong “They” speaking the wrong things into our lives they can hold us back and that it often ends in destruction. I loved that he said he made a decision and left the “friends” behind to follow the dream God had given him. He had Faith, He believed, he had a vision for greatness, and he was available. Now Malcolm Butler has made history and is going to Disney World!

What are you believing for? What dream has God given you? We have to walk in faith, have the right influences in our lives, be alert, and be available. You never know when that unsuspecting pass could come your way.