Stop the Comparison- Brave Conversations with Barbie

It is officially summer!
Of course here in Texas it has felt like summer for a while now. Is it just me, or does this time of year bring up an extra dose of insecurities and comparisons for you too? So much pressure to have the bathing suit bod ready. We can hide so much during boots and sweater season! Social media ups the ante. Everyone seems to be on a fabulous vacation, eating amazing picture worthy food, and at the very least their feet look great with the beach background.
I have caught myself going into the Instapit of comparison more than once.
On todays Brave Conversations we are going to address the subject head on. It is a process for me, especially when I go to hit record to talk about it. here I am planning to share what God is showing me about comparison, and I am questioning my clothes, my hair, my makeup...stop the madness! Let's tackle this subject together.
Watch todays video and share your thoughts, your struggles, and your tips of overcoming comparison in your own life. It is not a conversation without you! 

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