Happy Anniversary!

“I am so grateful that I found The Right Combination and Barbie. Before finding her I had been through years of counseling. I appreciate that journey, but over the past few years I had been wondering what else I could do to move forward in my life. Coaching has been a challenge, but it’s been so rewarding. Just knowing that Barbie loves the Lord and loves to help women helps me to be receptive when she speaks words of truth in love. I highly recommend starting a coaching journey right here…today! You’ll be so happy that you invested in your future.”


Lubbock, Texas

Today we celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Right Combination Coaching! I have been so blessed to be able to coach some amazing women through their transitions in life. Whether they were recently divorced, empty nester, becoming an entrepreneur, or just ready to live a more purposeful life, I love getting to help facilitate life change.

Life Coaching is all about self-discovery. It is asking you questions to give you a new perspective or to help you realize what God has already given you. God has prepared each of us for a purpose, I want to help you courageously step into all that He has for you and find who you are authentically. It is all about who you become on the journey.

I love to encourage women to “Put their Brave On” and boldly step out of their comfort zone, this is where the magic happens! We do not drift anywhere good. When we live with intention we can achieve and be more than we ever imagined.

I would love to do a complimentary discovery call with you and see if coaching might be a fit for you. Please click below and we can set up a time that works for you. I look forward to hearing from you and discuss our anniversary special.