Meeting people where they are

In the age of social media, it is not uncommon to see a prayer request posted online, or maybe someone sharing a hardship and the comments below say “praying.” It means the world to me when someone prays for me. Knowing that they took time from their day to go to God for me is so special and I am so grateful! I will usually stop right when I see the post and pray for the person whether I comment or not. I do this because I care, but I also do this because the truth is I might forget to do it later. Life happens and we get busy. It is not that it is not important to me.

I have found that sometimes it is easy to say things like “Gods got this” and move on. It is true, God is working and He is a good Father. He does love us and His timing is perfect. Sometimes there is more to say or do. The truth is that the time while we are waiting for God to answer a prayer can be difficult. I want to be someone that meets people where they are. It is in that time in between, when we have asked God for something and we are waiting for a breakthrough, that God will bring us to our knees in dependence on Him. It is a time when we need encouragement and often we need someone that will meet you there and walk with you. Choosing to meet someone in their hardship is not easy. It will require you to put aside your own to do list or to get out of your comfort zone. Our pastor says, “Get comfortably uncomfortable.” On the other hand, when you are the one in need, it is also hard to ask for help. Our pride can get in the way.

Recently my husband, Richard, went through a job loss. This was following the fact that last year when I was laid off and we made a decision to follow a dream and start a ministry and coaching practice. We have been so blessed! It just takes time for a new opportunity to ramp up. Gods provision has been amazing, but we have still have had to make some cutbacks in our budget. We have a couple that we go to dinner with at least once a month, we were all in singles home-team together, got married around the same time, and both blended families. Our time with them is precious. Over the past months they have bought dinner more than once and we are so grateful! This last time we decided to cancel dinner. As much as we appreciate them, we did not want to continue to let them buy. After a series of text trying to explain that we will just catch up to them next month, I received a text that read, “You leave us no choice, we will be over at 6:30 with dinner.” Not only did they show up on our doorstep with dinner for our family, they stayed and prayed with us, offered to fast with us and truly showed us Gods favor. They met us where we are and did not take no for an answer. They have chosen to walk with us. No judgment, just love. We cannot always provide resources, but listening or holding a hand is free.

There is power in prayer. God says where two or more are gathered in prayer that He is there. When we see a post and join in prayer I believe God moves. I also want to be better at meeting people where they are, It is being the hands and feet of Jesus.

This is why I love Life Coaching so much! It is walking along side women, meeting them where they are and coaching them to where they want to be. It is asking questions that facilitate self-discovery that leads to lasting change.

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