The Decision before the Decision

Last week I was in Austin walking downtown. As we approached the corner of Congress and 6th street I noticed a group of business men all wearing their suits from the days’ meetings. It appeared that they had just wrapped up dinner and it was getting close to 10pm. My son and I were there headed for the famous VooDoo Donuts, but 6th street is more well known for its nightlife and bars.

As the men stood at the street corner a decision had to be made. They could go back down Congress Street and head to their hotel, or they could turn on 6th and head to the bar. A few of them had clearly decided and began to walk towards their hotel. Another one of the men was walking backwards towards 6th and began loudly asking “come on, who needs a scotch?” But it was the two or three guys in the middle that caught my attention, they had a look of indecision. The man that was headed to the bar began to encourage more loudly and two of the three men gave in while the other joined the group headed to the room.

I couldn’t help but wonder their stories and how the rest of the night would play out. Were they married? Did one scotch lead to three? In the couple of minutes I witnessed them, I had played out a whole scenario in my mind.

We all face decision points; it is amazing how one seemingly small decision can change the trajectory of our lives. In the moment is not the time to decide what’s important, you have to know yourself, your values, and what matters most. You have to make the decision before the decision. You will then have to make a commitment to see it through.

When Richard made the decision to only date Gods way and no longer have sex outside of marriage, he did not make the decision while sitting on the couch kissing me, that’s just when I found out about it. It was on our second date and I had invited him over for dinner. After dinner we were talking on the couch, then we were kissing on the couch, and then he stopped and let me know that he was not having sex outside of marriage. My first thought of course was disappointment. Today my only thought is grateful. If Richard had not made that commitment to God, that evening might have looked very different. Today, we would most likely, not have the relationship that we have. I would have not only missed the opportunity to really get to know Richard, but I would have missed the chance to really get to know who I am in Christ.

Richard and I put in the work of patience and sacrifice to build a solid foundation for our blended family. Richards decision before the decision put our lives on a path that would set us up for a beautiful marriage. It set an example for our children and built a foundation that can withstand the tough times, and there are tough times. I am so grateful for a man that stood by his convictions, even when it’s...difficult.

What do you stand for? What decisions do you need to make? What are your core values that drive your decisions?

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