Hello My Name is ____

Last week Richard and I attended Kairos. Neither of us really knew what to expect exactly, except that it was about Freedom in Christ. Letting go of things from our past to embrace our future.

We discovered that Kairos means: The appointed time in the purpose of God.” In other words, Gods perfect timing. All I really knew is that in my almost 48 years of living I have accumulated some stuff and I wanted to let go of it.

It is amazing how a friend or family member can say something to you in the 5th grade and it stays with you whether you fully realize it or not. Not that I blame my sister that her friends said I have a big nose, but that is a therapy session for another day.

I know, like a lot of us, I have held onto the” I am not _____enough.” Good enough, pretty enough, or worthy enough. We can all fill in the blank. Our blanks are typically lies we have been told by others or more importantly the lies we tell ourselves.

In the Bible there are several stories where God chooses to give someone a new name. Abram becomes Abraham, Saul becomes Paul, and Simon becomes Peter; The Rock on which God builds His church. Each one given a new name in order to let go of the past to begin a new life serving God.

During the first session at Kairos we were to write down all of the names we believe about ourselves with the intent of leaving that paper (and the belief) at the cross at the end of day 2. Unfortunately, I had no problem filling in the blanks for myself. Having spent 12 years in a verbally abusive marriage, I still have plenty of material in my head.

The next step was to pray and ask God for a new name. Who does He say you are? As we were praying we were told to write down any words that came to mind. The word I heard was “Chosen.” Then, not audibly but in my spirit I heard, “I have already given you a new name, it is Barbie Armenta.” Suddenly I realized that God had used Richard to bring me closer to Him through our obedience in dating Gods way and then gave me Richards name for us to serve Him. Wow!

I share this with you for one reason, God has this for you too. I speak to so many women who, like me, have a lot of negative self-talk. God speaks the truth about you. He says you are His Daughter, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that you are more than a conquer.

You do not have to be at an event to courageously ask God who that He says you are. You can pray right now.  God is a good father and he has His best for you. No matter where you have been, not matter who you are, it is never too late to have the purposeful abundant life that God has for you.

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Blessings on your journey!