Unity, Christianity, and a Tall Latte

As the Holiday season is upon us, it appeared that our favorite Starbucks Red Cup had gone Green, literally. This happened much to the dismay of many Christians that have strong feelings about the red cup and the designs on it. For me, I enjoy the cup, but mainly, I just want my favorite holiday beverage. Today I drove-thru and picked up my tall latte in the green cup and decided to look up the story behind it. The design was by Shogo Ota and is many people drawn with one continuous line. The design is amazing and we almost missed it worrying about what it is not. Our own perception got in the way. My newsfeed has been filled with Christians complaining about the cup or others complaining about the Christians complaining about the cup. What is happening to us? Unity sounds like a real good idea about now.

Can a cup create unity? Not by itself, but what about what we can do with it? We have all heard of “paying it forward;” but have you done it? Have you ever felt prompted to buy a coffee for the person behind you and then looked to see who it is first before you follow Gods nudge? How do we decide if they are worth it? What if the person is another race, a different religion, or a gay man? Does it change your mind? Let’s say you turn to find a white woman carrying her Louis Vuitton and it appears she could afford drinks for the whole line, do you buy hers. In all areas of life, we can be guilty of forming our own opinions on who someone is in a matter of seconds. We are just too busy to worry about truth.

Jesus said His greatest command is this: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart…and Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12 30-31

He did not add, only if you think they deserve it or if they are like you. We are called to Love. We do not have to approve of all the choices that our “neighbors” make, but we are to love them where they are. I am a white Christian woman from the suburbs, I cannot pretend that I can understand what all my diverse group of friend’s experience, but I do believe that when we take the time we often discover that we have more similarities than differences. I personally think that a sign God wants unity between the races is that He makes mixed race children the cutest! Am I right?

We live in the most amazing country in the world. Tomorrow we are faced with a historical election. I think most of us are weary from the election season. I pray that you will get out tomorrow and let your voice be heard. I also pray that after a decision has been made, that whatever the outcome, we will begin the process of unifying our country. It is too important not to.

So… I actually heard that the Red Cup is coming back in a few days. I am sure it will have plenty of controversy. I personally do not prefer a paper cup whatever color it is. To me, it implies I am getting my coffee to-go. It says that I am yet again too busy to even give much thought to my own coffee, let alone what the person behind me wants. I would much rather sit down in my favorite coffee house with my holiday latte in a real mug and chat awhile.

Everyone has a story; I would love to hear yours.