This is Us

I must say, the tv show This is Us, is the best show I have seen in years! I love it! I cry every week. If you are not watching, you should drop everything and go binge watch the first 5 episodes. I’ll wait…come back when your done and let us know what you thought.

For the rest of us…its perfection! All the feels, all the twist. I love how they flash back and show us how their relationships began, the good and the bad. They show how our past makes up who we are. How traditions that began with one person can carry on and leave a legacy when they are gone. I think we all love it so much because we can see ourselves in the characters. They are all of us.

The past couple of years I have taken time in December to sit down to reflect and write my memories, accomplishments, and lessons learned throughout the year. It is incredible. Time goes by so fast and we can get so focused on the busyness and challenges of life that we miss Gods blessings. Sometimes Gods blessings come wrapped in a different package than we expect, but they are nonetheless a gift. Gods ways are always better than our ways.

Just yesterday God was showing me how He answered one of my prayers. As Richard and I have begun our speaking ministry and coaching business it has been let’s say, a financial “lesson”. We have been so grateful for the opportunities and support of the people around us. Our prayer has been; “Lord, please make me a river.” We of course mean we would love more financial opportunities so that it can flow to others. What God has given us is opportunities to pour into others of our time, gifts, and talents. The answer to our prayer looked different and we almost missed it. God blesses in the tangible and the intangible.

Have you thought about your 2016? Are you where you thought you would be right now? How we end one season effects how we begin the next. What did God teach you this year? 2016 for some might have been a year of sowing, while others were reaping a harvest. What about those of you still sitting on the edge not sure where God is calling you, you might be closer than you think. Take some time to look back. Sometimes we must circle back to see how far we have come. I want to encourage you to be bold. Pray, listen, and begin to act. When we show up and do what we can do, then we can watch God do what only He can do.

I am currently scheduling FREE discovery calls with women that are ready to move forward in 2017. It is time to stop drifting and reacting to what life throws at us and begin living a fulfilling life full of purpose and intention.

I know it feels like you have all the time in the world, but you don’t. So stop playing it so cool.”

 William (This is Us)

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