Balancing Act

That one time when I was swimming for my life in St Croix…

A few years ago Richard and I had an amazing honeymoon in St Croix! Crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, it was perfection in paradise. One day we rented a jeep and went to Cane Bay. This was an area known for amazing snorkeling and diving. I was so excited and a little nervous. This was my first time really snorkeling, but I was not too scared since Richard had been many times. We went out pretty far and saw many beautiful fish, sea turtles, and a couple of intimidating barracuda. We were getting a little far from the beach where we started so I asked if we could start to cut back the other way. As we began to swim in the other direction I realize that I am not making any progress. I look at Richard and he is just snorkeling so I assume we are fine. I swim a little more and look back towards the beach and still nothing! The current is so strong that I feel like I will never make it back. At this time I go into full on panic! I am trying so hard to swim and get Richards attention. He finally comes up and sees me panicking. I pull off my mask and yell “You are just snorkeling and I am swimming for my life over here!” I know that he wanted to laugh at his new wife and he has many times since, but that day he very calmly looked at me and said “calm down, calm down, look at me, just sit on your noodle.” Okay, yes, I had a swim noodle. I was not going to drown, but I thought I was going to float out to sea! Richard very calmly helped me get back to shore. We lived to laugh about this another day.

When I think back to that day I am reminded of times I felt like this in my life, where I was living out of balance, when I was over whelmed, or just feeling like I am flailing around not going anywhere. This happens when we lose our focus and start trying to do everything by our own strength instead of trusting God. I imagine God is saying the same thing that Richard said to me, “Calm down, look at me, and sit on your noodle.” He is waiting for us to turn our focus back to Him. When we are focused and living in balance with our values, we can live more authentically to who God has made us to be. We can experience His peace and feel we are living on purpose. A balanced life allows you to be fully present in whatever you are doing.

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