Time Hop

Have you ever heard of the Time Hop App? It is an app that shows you your social media post and pics in the past year, 2 years, even 6 years. It is not really a new thing, but I love it!

Some days, like today, I get to see photos, like the one above of my handsome husband, and I am reminded of a fabulous date night 2 years ago. A few days ago I saw that 6 years ago my middle son accepted Christ and was Baptized at our churches summer camp, Allaso Ranch.

There are other days in my Time Hop app that I can tell from my post that I was not in the best place emotionally and I am reminded of answered prayers and how faithful God is.

This week I also saw a photo from a trip I went on when I was attempting to start a business, which I am now grateful that I do not have. This reminds me that sometimes-unanswered prayers are Gods protection and that He is faithful in all things.

This has got me thinking about what I will see in the future when I see the Time Hop from today. First, I will see that thankfully it is date night again! We continue to make dating each other a priority in our marriage. I cannot help but wonder when I look at the post from today 2 years from now, 4 years from now or 6 years from now, what will my life look like then? It is exciting to think and dream about the possibilities. When I look back in time and see Gods faithfulness, I am reassured knowing that He will still be at the center of my life in the future as well.

It is amazing to know that we have a choice. The decisions we make today will shape the future we want to see. What our future will become is the result of our daily choices and our daily routine. We can choose to continue to do the same things we do now everyday and our life will for the most part, look the same way 5 years from now or we can decide to mix it up! 

If we change one small thing in our day, we can change our lives. If you want to be thinner, happier, have more money, or live a more balanced and fulfilling life, you can do it. It is one small step, one small decision each day and before you know it the results are happening. The time will pass anyway, what will you choose to do with it? 

The good news is, as I am reminded by glimpses of the past, you are not alone. God is with you and has His best for you. So even when things seem crazy, or not what you expected, make those bold decisions to do something brave, something new, and something different. Knowing that you have to walk by faith and not by sight and when it is all said and done, you too will get to enjoy the revelation that God was with you all along.