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So excited to meet the incredible Luci Swindol

So excited to meet the incredible Luci Swindol

“If you could wave a magic wand and do anything, what would you do?” I heard myself respond, “I would speak for women of faith” That was in 2004.

 It had been in 2003 that a friend invited me to the Women of Faith conference. I had not grown up in church, but over the last couple of years had begun attending and reading my Bible. I had no idea what the event would be like but agreed to go. The conference was in the biggest arena in Dallas and was a sold out event. The theme was The Great Adventure, and it was certainly that. As each of the speakers took the stage, what struck me the most was that they were not perfect. I believed that to be a good Christian you must have it all together. At this time, I was in an abusive marriage and put great effort into wearing a mask of “everything is great.” That weekend I would see these women take the stage and tell stories of how God met them in their brokenness and restored their lives. These were stories I could relate to, if God could help them, maybe He sees me too.

 As I listened and watched, laughed and cried, I thought to myself, “I want to be a part of that; I want to do what they do.” “I want to have a story of what God has done and touch the life of someone like me, the girl in the balcony, in a room of thousands that feels so alone.” Only it was not time, God was still writing my story.

 In 2006 I found myself sitting at The Women of Faith Leadership Conference listening to Carol Kent speak. This time was different; I could no longer wear the mask of having it all together. Five weeks earlier God had given me the courage to leave my marriage. I sat in a room full of women and sobbed. I recently read my journal from that day; “I want so much to do what these incredible leaders in this room do, but I don’t belong.” “I know that God equips the called, but would they ever accept me?” I was amazed how God used the women there to meet me in my darkest time.

 It is now 2015 and again I find myself at The Women of Faith event, but this time was very different! In August of last year, I heard that this would be the Farewell Tour. Lucy, Marilyn, Patsy, Thelma, and Sheila were coming together for the last time. My first thought was “No, now I will never get to speak for them!” my next thought was, “I will be in that arena if I have to sit at the very top!” This I knew was a moment in time that I could not pass up. There will be a lot of wisdom on that stage!

 I always like to say that God will do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or imagine, and He did! My life is now an example of a restored life. I have a beautiful blended family and I am married to an amazing Godly (and handsome) man. Thanks to his obedience in purity and dating Gods way, we were able to grow our relationship and most importantly grow deeper with Christ. What began with a job loss in January, led me to a job with WOF. My husband and I are now writing a book, speaking and I am becoming a Christian Life Coach to help other women. Only God could orchestrate a plan that brought me to this full circle moment. I attended the conference “VIP” as a Ministry Assistant for WOF. I not only got to hear these women share their hearts, but I got to hug them and tell them how they changed my life through their stories and transparency. I also got the pleasure of connecting with group leaders and assisting them in attending and bringing friends to the event. If it was their first or their twentieth time, I knew they could come with expectancy that God would show up.

 As I sat in the arena, I was flooded with memories of my first time and how God used those women to reach me for Him. I was overwhelmed with Joy for the thousands of women in attendance that I knew God was meeting them right where they are. I was also so grateful for the special group of women that I got to travel with that I now consider my dear friends across the country.

 God has Great Adventures for each of us. When we trust and surrender to Him. He wants you to know that You are Seen, You are Known, You are free, and You are Loved.

 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us

 Women of Faith will be continuing their nationwide tour. To see a list of Cities and Dates click here.

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