Be Fearless

Have you ever watched Nickelodeon and wanted to be Slimed? I know this was the dream of my three boys! They were crushed when we went to Nick Studios and they were not chosen to have the green slime poured on them! This weekend I had the opportunity to work with The Kids Choice Awards and spend the weekend sliming kids. It was so fun! It never got old and it was funny every time! There were people of all ages in line awaiting the green slime to pour on their heads. When it was their turn each one would be given a clear poncho with a hood in hopes they would stay as clean as possible so their parents could continue shopping in the mall. Each person would take a seat in the sliming booth and do their best NOT to get slime on their clothes. They wanted the experience, but they did not really want to be messy. Count down “in 3, 2, 1 SLIME”. For the most part people came out pretty clean. There were those that did not have the poncho just right and it would go down the front of their shirt. Then there were those that had the slime knock the hood off and they ended up with it in their hair. As we neared the end of day two a beautiful little girl with a contagious smile and long shiny brown hair approached the booth. She was wearing the poncho at her mother’s insistence, but no hood. She did not just want the slime to hit plastic, if she was going to do this she was going all in. Seeing that this brave girl was going to get slimed on her hair, a crowd gathered around. One last big smile for the camera and “3, 2, 1, SLIME”. This girl did not put her head down as others did, she did not cover her face with her hands, just as the slime hit the top of her head she sat up straight, huge smile, and threw both hands up in the air with excitement! Everyone cheered! I loved this so much! She was fearless! I just imagine that this is a girl that is brave and lives her life with abandon.

I wish at her age I had been that bold and confident. I want to live my life with that kind of abandon that makes you go all in. For most of us going “all in” on something will not involve being slimed. It might be taking a risk and becoming an entrepreneur, trying out for a singing competition, or finally getting engaged despite the risk of it not working out. I love to encourage people to step out and take risk in their life! I will be the first one to tell you that you can do anything! Nothing is impossible! It is a little different when it is me. I want to be that girl with her hands in the air, but I usually look for the safety net. What I know for sure is I have God with me. If I focus on Him and pray for His will, His plans for me will succeed. It is so exciting to watch Gods favor when we are walking in obedience. I have recently made a decision to be a speaker, a writer, and a Life Coach. These are all things I have wanted to do for many years. God placed these desires in my heart long ago and I have taken baby steps but I have never gone all in. It is time to take the leap of faith! I began classes two weeks ago to be a life coach and I started attending a speaking group. My first speaking group I was shaking so bad that I had a hard time writing my critique for the next speaker! Just because we decide to jump does not mean we will not be scared. It does not mean it will always be easy, we just do it anyway. We step out in faith knowing that Gods promises are true. I would love to hear what going all in looks like to you! Please leave a comment and share a leap of faith you are making or have always wanted to make. What are you waiting for? 3.2.1.....

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” Phil 4:13