Where it all began...

wedding day.jpg

In 2003 Richard made a decision that he had done things his way and now he was surrendering everything to God and doing life His way. This included his dating life. He was no longer having sex outside of marriage.

In 2005 I got divorced and became a single mom to my 3 boys. I was doing the best job I could with my boys and giving everything to God, except my dating life, I thought it was a little late for purity and that I had the dating thing down. I was so wrong.

When I met Richard, in 2008, God used him to shake up everything I thought I knew about God, my own value, and having a relationship built on Gods values and favor. We spent four years getting to know each other,  Getting to know our kids, and being patient to Gods leading and timing. This is not easy!  Without God it would not have been possible. As difficult as it was at times, I am so grateful for Richards leadership. We not only became best friends, I developed an amazing relationship with Christ that has carried over into all areas of my life. I learned to find my value in Christ and not man. I learned to be vulnerable and to be authentically me.

Our wedding day (and night) was like nothing either of us had ever felt. Gods love had restored and redeemed our lives and everything in it felt brand new. We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in September 2017. It is amazing how God will use each of us to make the other person better. Struggles in marriage are inevitable, but when you allow God to work in and through you, your marriage will be blessed beyond measure. It is never too late.

Below is a video of Richards incredible surprise proposal. Richard proposed in front of the entire womens ministry at Fellowship Church during a talk on purity. Only God could orchestrate what happened. I wish I had had a better reaction! This is what shock looks like. I had no idea! Enjoy!